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Asst. Prof. Biljana Bojovic

I graduated from the Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac, with an average grade of 9.57. Master studies I finished at the Biological Faculty, University of Belgrade, in the direction of Plant Physiology. The topic of the master thesis was: The influence of different temperatures and the duration of post-harvest storage on the seeding of some grains. I defended dissertation at Faculty of Science in Kragujevac, entitled: The Effect of Mineral Nutrition on Some Parameters of Productivity of Wheat and Triticale Varieties.  I am working at the Faculty of Science in Kragujevac, since 1992, and since 2012 as assistant professor on the subjects of Plant Physiology and Plant Ecophysiology. My research is focused on the plant physiology, especially in seed germination and early growth of plants under the influence of various factors of mineral nutrition and plant growth regulators, as well as the determination of allelopathic relationships in germination of cultivated plants. So far, I have published over 80 papers in national and international journals and press releases at conferences. I participated in a number of botany projects, and have been reviewer a number of papers in national and international journals, too.

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